Our History and Beliefs

Our History

In nineteen ninety eight, Bishop James Darrell Robinson, Sr. was led by God, through Psalms 27, “the Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear,” to establish Yesha Ministries. Yesha is Hebrew for Salvation.

This evangelical ministry was founded with the sole purpose of winning and building souls for the Lord Jesus Christ, through witnessing and proclaiming the unadulterated word of God.

In July on nineteen ninety nine, Bishop James D. Robinson, Sr. and the Yesha family purchased an old building formerly used as a garage. Yesha Ministries has made an awesome commitment to make what used to be an eye sore, a worship center that meets the needs of the community spiritually and naturally. Yesha Ministries Worship Center now sits on the corner of 23rd and Snyder in South Philadelphia.

In addition to the Sanctuary, Yesha Ministries purchased another piece of property on December of 2004 on Snyder Avenue. This piece of real estate is now called Yesha Ministries Fellowship Hall.


Article Of Faith

Our God is one, manifested in three persons; he Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, being co-equal. (Philippians 2:6)

The Father – We believe in the Lord Jehovah the one and only true God, who is a Spirit; the creator and sustainer of all things. (John 1:1-5).

The Son – We believe in Jesus Christ, as the only begotten Son of God, born of the Virgin Mary by a supernatural birth, without sin, thus fulfilling the law in every point. The shedding of His Blood, the cross of Calvary constitutes complete salvation. We believe in His glorified, physical bodily resurrection and ascension. (Isaiah 9:6, John 3:16, Galatians 4:4-7, Revelations 1:5,12-18)

The Holy Spirit – We believe that the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity having a definite and distinct personality and work. (John 14:26, 15:16-17, Acts 1:8)

The Word

We believe in the Holy Scriptures (Authorized King James Version as the divinely unerring, inspired Word of God; which we understand to be God’s revelation of man to Himself. Moreover we contend that it contains all the essentials and facts requisite of salvation, being absolute supreme and final.

The Fall of Man and Redemption

We believe that through one man’s disobedience, sin entered into the world and so death by sin; and all men are included under sin. Also we believe that the only atonement for sin is the Blood of Jesus. (Romans 3:23-26, 5:14, 19-21). We believe that justification is the act of God’s grace which frees us from the penalty and power of sin and death and all condemnation, by faith in Christ Jesus: Thus we are accounted righteous before God only by the merits of Jesus Christ. (Romans 5:1, 6:23, 8:1-4)

You Must Be Born Again

We believe that regeneration or the new second birth is the work of the Holy Spirit wrought in the heart of a repentant sinner, changing them to a new and spiritual realm of life; and that it is a definite and personal experience. (John 3:35)


We believe in Bible sanctification or separation from worldliness, as the true standard for Christian discipleship. Moreover, it is an act of God that cleanses from moral defilement and imbed sin; imputing purity, consecration and Holiness. (1 Thessalonians 5:23, Hebrews 12:14, 1 John 2:15-17, James 1:12-16)

The Baptism of The Holy Spirit

We believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the initial evidence of speaking in other tongues (Acts 10:46) as the privileged and duty of every believer thus empowering him for a life of consecration, sanctification and Holiness. The resurrection of all mankind. we believe in the resurrection of all mankind: the just and the unjust. The resurrection of the righteous dead and rapture of the redeemed into everlasting life and paradise; the resurrection of the wicked and unregenerate into eternal conscious punishment and damnation. (Acts 1:11, 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17). Read Matthew Chapter 5

The Holy Communion

We believe that the Lord’s Supper is a Holy Ordinance and should be observed regularly, to commemorate His sufferings and show forth His Death until he returns. Communion is a symbolic remembrance and celebration of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 1:26).

Water Baptism

We believe in Christian Baptism by immersion in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost or in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Baptism is a symbolic public demonstration and identification of our acceptance of death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. (Romans 6:45, Colossians 2:12)